Problem-Solving Your Way to Profit with Josh Kopel

He’s a podcaster πŸŽ™οΈ, a restaurateur 🍽️, a tech pioneer πŸ“² AND… he’s sharing his insider secrets 🀫 with us. He’s none other than Josh Kopel! Throughout his 20-year career, he’s managed venues ranging from the Alligator 🐊 Bayou Bar to Hollywood nightclubs, bars, 🍸 and ultra-lounges. In response to the devastation he saw in his own businesses and the industry, Josh created Full Comp πŸŽ™οΈ with Yelp in 2020. Get your notebooks πŸ““ ready as Matt and Josh drop some nuggets of wisdom!

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TikTok On The Clock ⏰ With Cali BBQ

Come on over to the golden β˜€οΈ state as Matt makes his way to Cali BBQ πŸ– in sunny San Diego, California. Shawn has his hands in digital media πŸ“² as the host of Digital Hospitality, a weekly business and marketing podcast. So let the sunshine 🌞 in as Matt and Shawn discuss:

πŸ“² Taking advantage of TikTok
πŸ“² Keeping up with the changing technology
πŸ“² Starting TODAY, not tomorrow
πŸ“² Making sure that you’re not the problem
πŸ“² Utilizing free social media platforms
πŸ“² Not being afraid to post

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Table Talk With Billy Gene

Description: Billie Jean is not my lover 🎢 … wait, wrong Billie Jean. πŸ˜‚ Correction, ➑️➑️ Billy Gene IS marketing! This week Matt sits down with Billy Gene so they can get to the good stuff. With over 10 years 😱 of digital marketing under his belt and over 140,000 students in 75 countries, πŸ“ Billy Gene is a wealth of marketing knowledge. 🧠 During their sit down the pair take a deep dive into:

πŸŽ™οΈ Billy Gene’s number one tip
πŸŽ™οΈ Switching up your roles

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Winging It With BW3 Founder Scott Lowery

What pairs perfectly with every game 🏈 day party? Wings, πŸ—πŸ— that’s what! Matt got to catch up with Scott Lowery, one of the founders of the beloved Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants. 🀩 Scott and and his brother turned business partner established BW3’s back in the 1980’s πŸ“… and have learned so many lessons along the way. Some of those lessons include:

πŸ— When to open your second location
πŸ— How to find investors
πŸ— Finding the right space for your restaurant
πŸ— Coming up with a catchy name

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Taking Time Out For Your Customers

We’re visiting Chapel Hill’s πŸ“ resident place for a late night bite πŸ”, Time Out! Matt and owner Eddie Williams take a load off to discuss how Eddie always has his customers in mind. 🧠 The pair dive into topics like:

➑️ Always being “on” as a restaurant owner
➑️ Relating to your customers
➑️ Understanding you customers’ needs
➑️ Serving quality food no matter what
➑️ Being open 24 hours, 7 days a week
➑️ And of course, selling chicken bones!

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Keeping Things Consistent with Brooks’ πŸ”

We’re in Charlotte, North Carolina πŸ“ this week as Matt visits David Brooks, owner of Brooks’. πŸ” With almost 50 years under their belt, Brooks’ has become a staple in their community. πŸ‘ͺ Throughout the years David has established a consistent menu 🌭🍟 and proved that he and his restaurant are here to stay. During their interview Matt and David dive into:

πŸ” Loving what you do everyday
πŸ” Why they DIDN’T put their logo on their sticker
πŸ” How they became a Charlotte staple

And More!

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