How Did Delta Blues BBQ GROW During The Pandemic?!

Travis GREW his business during the pandemic. He didn’t run. He didn’t hide. He took the opportunity to run harder and faster because he knew the success of his business was in his hands. In this episode of MP TV, I chat it up with Travis to learn more about his story and the steps he took to building a successful BBQ Restaurant.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What the future holds for Delta Blues
  • How Travis grew during the pandemic
  • What Travis has learned over the years
  • Why location matters
  • What he learned at BBQ competitions


All this AND MORE on this episode of MP TV


Find Travis here:

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Own Their Phones – Episode 1 – Shawn Neglected 25,000 People?!

The day is here! The premiere of my new podcast series with Shawn Walchef, CEO Of Cali BBQ Media! Tune into this FIRE episode jam packed actionable items to own your customers’ phones! The Own Their Phones Podcast is focused on the journey of a new partnership I have formed with Shawn. We have started this podcast for one main reason – Helping you own your customers’ phones. By practicing the tactics we preach it will play a huge role in your success as a business owner and this podcast will show you that first hand as we dive into Shawn’s BBQ restaurant. In this episode we cover: The concept of Own Their Phones Shawn’s biggest curse, Getting laughed at for telling your story, 25,000 people Shawn has neglected, FREE marketing, The ABR Acronym, Why your customers don’t come back AND MORE! Follow the journey of our new series at

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MPTV 115- Fathers Day Retention

On this episode of MPTV I cover a very important topic, Fathers Day! Holidays like this are a great time for businesses to reach out to their customers. The problem is most businesses use the same tactics for these holidays. It is time you start swimming in the blue ocean and take a different approach to contacting your customers during the holidays.

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MPTV – Podcast Seminar Part 1 – ft Shawn Walchef

In this special episode of MPTV, I am with my friend Shawn Walchef, CEO of Cali BBQ! Shawn and I hosted a podcast seminar at America’s Best Restaurants headquarters. During this seminar, we took a deep dive into the importance of creating content while being a business owner. Shawn and I have found great success with our practices and would love to share them with you! Check out this podcast to learn about the formulas we use to make killer content that markets our businesses effectively.
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