Don’t Turn That Dial from Doug Smith

Don’t Turn That Dial📻! Doug and Matt used to work in radio together🤝, and now they are here, still doing sales💸, but with a much different outlook👀! Nowadays Doug works on the ABR sales team👍, as well as one of ABR’s awesome hosts😀. He knows the ins and outs of restaurants🧑‍🍳, and has the scars to prove it😱. He also knows about the radio world, and how those marketing techniques used to work, but now… not so much😬. Matt and Doug talk about this as well as a few more topics!

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Making A Certified Legit Impact With Luis Rivera

Welcome To Deep Works Studios, once again🤗! We have a certified legit😎 guest lined up this week on MPTV, and if you are a follower of America’s Best Restaurants🍽 (which you should be🤩!), you will recognize him… Luis Rivera, one of ABR’s very own hosts🎥! Matt and Luis have worked together at America’s Best Restaurants for the past few years, and with that, comes A LOT of restaurants🧑‍🍳, and by extension, A LOT of FOOD sampled😮‍💨🍔🌭🌮🥗🍕. These guys are experts!

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LIVE in Las Vegas Alaska Live Event

MPTV looks👀 a little different this week as we get to see Matt do what he does best😎, talk about his story and marketing. We join Matt at the Alaska Live🎥 event in Las Vegas🎰 where he discloses some of his best held tips and advice😉 on his growing success📈 and how he has grown as a professional in the restaurant marketing world🌎

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Feeling Out Business Opportunities At Fellini Cafe with Manny Matsos

BYOB🍺 as Matt sits in the studio with Manny Matsos, the owner and operator of Fellini Cafe🇮🇹 in Newtown Square, PA. Manny has been serving authentic Italian🍝 food at Fellini Cafe since 2007, but has spent his entire life in the food industry. Selling hotdogs🌭 at the yankee 🏟stadium as a kid, Manny has always been in the business and now he and Matt get to talking🎙 

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Let’s Distribute Some Knowledge On Food Distribution With Aaron Croghan

It’s been a while⌛️ since we talked about distribution🎁. Good thing we have Aaron Croghan, the District Sales Manager at Performance Food Group with us today😮‍💨! Aaron is a self described foodie🍔, with 12 years of experience with food distribution under his belt👖. He originally got into food by accident😳 but all it took was making a few bagels🥯 to build a life-long passion in the food and hospitality business. 👥Matt and Aaron get to dive into it all!

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Building a Dope! brand with Kam Siu

Dope!😎 Matt sits down and talks with Kam Siu. Kam wears many hats🧢 as the CEO of Panda Trading Company🐼, Dope! Asian Street Fare🍜, Decibel Korean Fried Chicken🌶🐓, and COO at Pelican’s Reef Cincinnati🏝. This week, Matt and Kam discuss:

✔️Being unique is better
✔️Likes mean nothing without engagement
✔️Befriend the people you work with
✔️Sometimes you have got to be flexible
✔️Your decor is a direct reflection of your business
✔️Get your face out of your phone!

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Crunching The Numbers With Chris Rogers


Not a math person🤓? Well you’re in luck🍀 because this week on MPTV, we are sitting down and crunching some numbers 💯with Chris Rogers, the Chief Executive Officer of AEH Accounting.Chris has over 20 years of experience in the finance world💰, and is using that expertise to drive businesses upward📈. Chris and Matt go way back, and this week, they catch up on:

💰Putting yourself in the spotlight

💰Are you running your business, or is it running you?

💰Paying back PPP loans
💰It isn’t giving out “Free Food”, it’s a marketing investment

💰The importance of building a database

💰What % should you spend on marketing?

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Finessing Franchising with David Bloom

We hit the Jackpot🎰 in Vegas! Matt sits down with David Bloom🥳, the Chief Development and Operating Officer of The Capriotti’s brand, to talk about the ins-and-outs of franchising a restaurant🧑‍🍳, as well as taking a small brand to the next level📈. With David’s decades worth of expertise on hand💪, Matt and David get real about:

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Find Your Drive With Perry Freeman

Get your shades on🕶️, because this week we stopped by Charleston SC, and after catching a few rays☀️ at the beach🏖️, and good eats at Coconut Joe’s🥥, we are joined by its owner, Perry Freeman.😎 Perry is a self made restaurateur. He started as a dishwasher🍽️ over 20 years ago and climbed the ranks 📈 to become the owner of Charleston Sports Pub along with its 7 locations (and one on the way!)😲, as well as Coconut Joe’s and Lawrence’s Seafood Company🦞! Today, Matt and Perry sit and discuss a few things!

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