The Restaurant Owner Podcast

Hosted by: Matt Plapp

What Is MP TV?

In 2017 I started traveling the country for business and having great conversations with owners and operators. I’d sometimes go live with them and people LOVED IT! I kept hearing “Matt you need to start a podcast”. But, I didn’t want to do just any podcast. I didn’t want to sit in my house on a Zoom call with others, I wanted to sit next to them and experience the conversation in person.

So in February 2020 we set out on the road to film our in-person video podcast, MP TV. The MP has 2 meanings: 1st Matt Plapp & 2nd Making Profit.

My goal with this podcast is to have open conversations with Restaurant owners and operators about what they are doing every day to build a brand that will last and MAKE PROFIT!

We publish a new epidsode every week on Tuesdays at 6pm EST on Facebook & YouTube and then to the audio platforms. Please shoot me an email and let me know what you think.

In April 2015 I decided to do something about that when my restaurant client Nick said:

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My book will help you find YOUR customers! If you don’t sell pizza just replace Slices with Burgers, Steak, Chicken, Tacos, etc.

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Have a listen, we’ve moved this type of content to video only on YouTube,   Check out this episode!
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