MP TV with Matt Plapp – Attracting The Right Employees!

We took a trip to Kenosha Wisconsin to visit the road crew while they filmed an episode on-site at BBQ’d Productions. While we were there we got to see behind-the-scenes of how BBQ’d Productions makes their incredible food and met with the owner Kris Schoenberger. I also had to take the opportunity to sit down with Kris and film an episode of MP TV in his own restaurant!

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Chatting With Tom Mosher – The Automation Magician

In today’s episode of MP TV, we’re chatting it up with Tom Mosher! Tom is part of the America’s Best Restaurants team and his job may surprise you! He’s the KING of automation & restaurant technology! From automating customer data collection to reporting results, Tom has an important role here at ABR!


In this episode, we’ll dive into:

– What Tom does at ABR

– Where Tom grew up

– How Tom found ABR

– What Tom LOVES about his job!

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MP TV – Visiting Neir’s Tavern in Queens NY!

I’ve seen restaurants named after streets, but I’ve never seen streets named after restaurants! Neir’s Tavern in Queens New York is the first restaurant in America to have a street named after it has been around 1829!

In this episode of MP TV, you can expect to hear about how Loycent has revamped this historical restaurant. Strategies he has taken to involve the community, and some of the famous movies that have been shot on sight at Neirs Tavern!

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MP TV with Matt Plapp – Who Let the Dogs Out?!

In this episode of MP TV I got to hear the backstory behind an incredible local business, Allie’s Walkabout! Who better to tell the story than Allie’s dad, David Clegg? Allie’s Walkabout is a local northern Kentucky business that is any dog owner’s one-stop shop for doggy daycare, boarding, grooming, and training!


In this episode, David Clegg tells us about:

– How Allie got her first dog sitting gig.

– Where the name “Allie’s Walkabout” came from.

– The early days of the business.

– Turning the small side hustle into a full-blown business.

– Some of the differentiating features of Allie’s Walkabout.

– How the Cleggs kept their business in the family.

– Entrepreneurship advice.

– Opportunities for young hustlers!


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