MP TV with Matt Plapp – New Product Developments with Kristian Cotta

In episode 120 of MP TV, I had the opportunity to have Kristian Cotta in town from Arizona! He owns Local 480 Media, and has been working with America’s Best Restaurants for some time! While in town he got to hang out with the team, immerse in our company culture, and explore new product developments. His visit wouldn’t have been complete if I didn’t have him in the studio for an episode of MP TV!


In this podcast you can expect to hear about:


  1. Who Christian is.
  2. His backstory and how he has made a career in social media marketing.
  3. What Local 480 Media does.
  4. How America’s Best Restaurant works with Local 480 media.


For more awesome restaurant marketing content, click the link below!

Check out this episode!

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