Own Their Phones – Episode 1 – Shawn Neglected 25,000 People?!

The day is here! The premiere of my new podcast series with Shawn Walchef, CEO Of Cali BBQ Media! Tune into this FIRE episode jam packed actionable items to own your customers’ phones! The Own Their Phones Podcast is focused on the journey of a new partnership I have formed with Shawn. We have started this podcast for one main reason – Helping you own your customers’ phones. By practicing the tactics we preach it will play a huge role in your success as a business owner and this podcast will show you that first hand as we dive into Shawn’s BBQ restaurant. In this episode we cover: The concept of Own Their Phones Shawn’s biggest curse, Getting laughed at for telling your story, 25,000 people Shawn has neglected, FREE marketing, The ABR Acronym, Why your customers don’t come back AND MORE! Follow the journey of our new series at www.OwntheirPhones.com

Check out this episode!

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